Family Meal Bonding


Plan it. Do it.

Fresh vegetables, vibrant colors and textures fill the air. It only takes a little planning.

When I take a little time to what our meals are going to be I find that I am a lot more relaxed. We all have our own special considerations for meal planning. For example, I have a picky teen as well as a finiky two year old. I am also contantly trying to lose my last 15 pounds from my last pregancy. Taking time to meal plan while taking all of these variables into consideration creates more harmony and balance in our lives. Meal planning has become easier over the years thanks to a little planning.

With my older kids, we were constantly on the go. Two full time working parents and kids who were involved with extracurricular activities left little time to sit down for a family home-cooked meal. This led to eating out more than we should have. I felt like life started at 6 am and I was busy until 9 pm and finally I would sleep at 10 pm. That needed to stop.

Several years ago is when I discovered my passion for my Crock Pot. (Before the Instant Pot was a Thing). I made my Crock Pot “Baked Chicken” about every one to two weeks. It was so simple. This meal was and still is a family favorite. It’s healthy and oh so simple.  Find my downloadable recipie HERE. 

It’s My Favorite!

Let everyone have their say. Rotating favorite meals among family members gives everyone something to look forward to. Every week, try to make sure that each person has something they truly enjoy. It might be helpful to have everyone contribute their input into construction of the family meal plan (breakfast, lunch or dinner or a combination of meals and snacks). Creating a calandar similar to those used for school lunches ensures that everyone knows what to expect.

When you share what’s coming ahead of time, there will be less “what’s for dinner?’ queries. This reduces stress over trying to figure out what is for dinner.  Any amount of time you can save is welcomed during busy and hectic evenings.

Working Together Builds Stronger Bonds

Taking the lead builds confidence in people. Let your 3 year old or 13 year old chose and meal plan. Ensure that each person has a job. Even children as young as two can start helping with meal time. Teens may help with shopping or preparing meals. Younger children can assist with measuring, mixing and gathering ingredients. Toddlers can help set the table with non breakable items. Get your children started on the path to healthy eating. It’s valuable to teach your children about nurtrition from an early age.  Age appropriate books can be used to hel with introducing the importance of a well balanced diet. 

Responsiblities are important.  People need a sense of purpose in their lives.  Contributing together for the common good of the family builds stronger bonds.  A sense of pride and accomplishement is established when completing a task.  Providing children with opportunities to help the family fosters the expectation that all members of the family should contribute their help for the good of the family.  Young children enjoy helping especially when fun is involved.  Praise children for their efforts and redirect when needed.  Be encouraging, mistakes are going to happen.  Older children can also teach younger children valuable kitchen skills.  ‘Watch one, do one, teach one’.  This is often said in my line of work.  Luckily, children have the opportunity to learn, watch and teach a multitude of tasks before they are expected to perfectly excute it.

Get Your Plan In Motion!

It all starts with a plan. Get your meal plan worksheet at the link for free.  Happy Planning!

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