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Makeup Brush Tips

What do you need to know about your makeup brushes?

Wash your brushes. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often people tell me they hardly wash their brushes. Not only will they work better when you clean them, but they will also be free of oil and buildup that oculd be causing acne breakouts.

Washing your brushes is very simple. I recommend using either a specially formulated cleanser for makeup brushes, brush cleaner spray, baby shampoo or your facial cleanser. \

I recommend that you wash your makeup brushes. You should do this every day when you are actively breaking out or are very oily. If you are not very oily and have normal or dry skin, once a week will suffice.

What about the Beauty Blender? Do you need one? I really like the Beauty Blender sponges. They work great. They help blend your makeup so you can apply it more evenly with minimal effort. The same cleansing advice holds true for these little time savers. Care for them well and when they are worn, you will need to replace them. The Beauty Blender brush cleaner is one of my go-to items for my brush care cleansing needs.


Brush up on proper care of your makeup brushes, blending and using quality materials. Your pocket book and skin will thank you over the long haul.


Invest in quality brushes. I have one mineral makeup brush that is about 17 years old. It is still in fabulous condition thanks to it being well taken care of.

I was assured that the bristles were trimmed from squirrels ad the company abided by creutly-free standards. The brush is as soft and full today as it was they day I bought it. The handle is a little worn and it had to be glued back into the base a couple of times, but it is still one of the best brushes I have.

Take the time to do your research on investing in the best makeup brushes for your beauty needs.  A little extra time on research is always well spent to help you find the right brush for your needs.  You can achieve best results with clean brushes with superior materials and craftsmanship.  Enjoy searching for these must have beauty tools.  They will serve you well!

Makeup Brush Tips Avid Bliss


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