How to Road Trip with Kids

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Plan the Best Road Trip with Kids  

 The best road trips with kids involve lots of fun!  Are you thinking of taking a road trip with the kids? If you’d like to know how we make a road trip being fun for the entire family, read on and never miss a post by signing up on my Feedly subscription link or on the green icon at the bottom right of your screen.  Subscribe to email for exclusive deals, offers and information for the Avid Bliss for Moms Community.  

Do You Know What to Take on a Road Trip with Kids? 

Going on a road trip with kids can be fun and adventurous. When you are well prepared the trip can be quite memorable and looked upon with fond memories. offers up some great advice on tips for stress-free travel.  Have you gone on long road trips? By long I mean more than four hours with the kids. Staying in a car that long with kids can be challenging. Depending on the age of your kids, you will need to plan accordingly.  I will cover the essentials for a road trip being with kids from toddler and baby age all the way up to the teen years.  For another blog post on fun things to do with your toddler, see my  

 Baby on a Long Road Trip 

For some, taking a baby on a road trip might seem like a daunting task. Personally I think it is one of the more easy age groups to bring on a road trip.  The best time in my opinion is to go on a road trip with your baby at night. If your baby sleeps through the night and doesn’t mind riding in a car, this can be a perfect time. This is my preferred time for getting to where we needed to go with less traffic and stops to ensure a smooth ride to our destination. 

Make sure you pack baby’s milk, food and snacks.  Of course you will be bringing basic essentials such as baby wipes, diapers, blankets, and such. It’s helpful to bring whatever your baby likes as a security item such as a favorite stuffed animal or teething ring. Luckily, baby sleep quite a bit and if you’re lucky he or she will sleep through the entire trip. 

Toddler on a Road Trip  

Toddlers are a challenging age. They want things and they want things now. I think it’s important for toddlers to start learning at a young age that they need to wait. I learned this from my daycare provider. One day when I came in to pick up my child, she had just asked another child to wait because she was busy with another child. Like magic, the child whining and patiently waited.  When you go on a road trip with toddler’s meltdowns are to be expected. I like traveling at night past the bedtime of my toddler to ensure a quiet and peaceful drive to our destination.  If this is not possible, try to choose a time where traffic is minimal. 

Be sure to stock up on favorite snacks and pack your ice chest with healthy items and meals as needed. I prefer to pack food that is not messy and is easy for toddlers to eat cold. The same advice for babies holds true with toddlers. Be sure to bring their favorite toys, security item, blanket, and tablet if you allow your child to watch a tablet. I subscribe to Amazon Free Time for my toddler. I purchased his tablet on Amazon prime day. It comes with a special Case that helps to prevent  it from cracking when it is dropped.      

Routines Make for Better Travel

It’s important to try to mimic your child’s sleep routine even though a car ride is mandatory. For example, we play white noise for our toddler every night. We incorporate this on long drives when he is sleeping. The baby Orbit co. has a special sunshade for a toddler sized seat. I love this feature. It is not just for infants. When you cover your toddler with this shade, you can also cover it with another blanket or my favorite breast-feeding cover up to provide extra darkness For you little one. 

Road Tripping with Adolescents  

This can be a tough age. If you’re traveling at night it is more than likely they will not want to sleep. Bring their favorite toy, snack, game to keep them entertained until they are all old to sleep. Be sure to bring a favorite security item such as a favorite stuffed animal or doll or action figure. Ensure that it is a comfortable and safe position for sleeping. Use pillows and blankets to make your child as comfortable as possible.        


Road Games for Kids 

Your kids love playing games. Kids learn from playing games. They learn critical thinking skills, getting along, and learning to be patient and wait for their turn. Road games and travel games have always been a big part of my itinerary when going on long trips.   It helps to not have children or adults who have motion sickness when playing games. In those instances, Audible audiobooks are a fabulous past time when everyone is tired. It’s fun to choose audiobooks before the big trip as a family.


Entertainment for Tons of Fun 

Some games I enjoy with toddlers in the car include looking for trucks.  It works especially well for boys. Boys love all kinds of trucks. It’s something that they’re born with, I assume. We know the names of so many different kinds of trucks. Examples of trucks we see on the road include cement trucks, automobile transporter, and flatbed trucks.  For more fun things to do with toddlers, check out my post on Summer Fun with Toddlers. 

I spy is a fun game for children and adults of all ages. 

Board games specifically for travel in the car that our family favorites include; Travel ScrabbleBattleshipand Apples to Apples.  Card games include Go Fish, UnoOld Maid and Blackjack. 

Crafts for Kids 

Kids love being creative and making things. Here are a few of my favorite crafts that can be made during a long road trip. Crochetingknitting, making rugsand cross stitching.           


I have always had a rule. During the summers my children required to read and have homework. I would buy the activity books for school appropriate for their ages. I require two pages a day plus a certain number of her reading pages a day and a book report daily Monday through Friday. I would tell them that I didn’t want their brains to rot over the summer.  Usually I get those types of books from Costco before school let’s out for the summer.  

A favorite treat for summer is to allow your children to choose a summer reading book or a book they will like to read during their road trip travels.     

Post Cards 

From the time they were young, I would encourage my children to select a postcard to mail back to themselves at home. I told him he could write whatever they want about their trip and what they remembered and what they liked about it. We would mail it from the destination we were at. 


It’s always fun being on vacation.  Making the most of your family time and planning ahead will create the best memories.  Sign up for my email list to keep in the know about deals, parenting topics and beauty especially for the Avid Bliss for Moms Community.   Keep planning, adventuring and loving life!  

*This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.

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